Sommerfield Designs
Malvern, PA

About us


We create custom flower arrangements for special events.  Different than a retail store, our hours and consultations are by appointment only.  Our events vary from week to week but primarily fall on weekends.  The best time to reach us is usually Tuesday - Fridays 10:00-5:00.  We often have our consultations Tuesday & Thursday evenings but offer daytime and weekend meetings when available.
Our team is a group of talented designers, artists and hard working assistants.  We even have a carpenter and electrician on hand for jobs requiring custom props or specialty lighting. 
Since all of our flowers are custom ordered we don't offer "walk-in" sales or deliveries for a singular arrangement.  Clients come to us when they'd like to order multiple flowers for a special occasion.
Sommerfield Designs is owned by Jessa Sommerfield.  Jessa started working with flowers in 1994 at a busy retail shop on the main line.  After many years as manager & lead designer,  she took a position as the creative director for a production company.   Here she started an "in house" flower department and headed floral and prop design for grand scale events;  launch parties, promotional events, platinum weddings, concerts, award shows and theme parties.  One of her most memorable events was The Atlantis Hotel's 2000 bash in the Bahamas where she led her team to create over 750 arrangements for New Years Eve.
Jessa started her own business in 2002 and has been enjoying the creative freedom and challenges of being a small business owner.  She occasionally works with other event companies as a consultant or as a guest designer but can mostly be found in her studio creating florals for local events.
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